Испанские лотереи из россии — как купить билет российским игрокам и во что лучше играть

BonoLoto prizes

important in the game, that is any game at all, are certainly the

At any rate, the altogether prizes in bonoloto are not high likewise in some other games.

However, for that reason, the chances to win are very high. In like manner, in every drawing, you can expect to win a jackpot altogether.

begin with, the presently amount of jackpot is €
2.200.000! Surely, that is not a bad prize.

to mention the great chances to win it altogether. For that reason,
don’t miss a draw.

Higher prizes in BonoLoto

what are the higher prizes in bonoloto? First of all, the presently
jackpot amount is €

Most important, the starting amount of jackpot is € 400.000. However, in case there are no winners of the jackpot, you can expect a rollover.

That is when nobody takes the money of the jackpot so the presently gathered money from ticket sales has altogether added to the main prize.

By all means, you surely want to play while the prizes are higher as you can obviously, win more.

in the second place, the presently prize was €

you can surely notice that prizes vary in amounts. For that reason,
you can surely expect a bigger prize in the following games.

Lower prizes in BonoLoto

To begin with, there are 6 prize tiers in this game. For that reason, the chances of winning are high.

At this point, we will start from the lowest of the prizes which are € 0.50. After that, there is a prize of € 4.

Furthermore, there are prizes for €27 and so on. Undoubtedly, these prizes seem worthless.

don’t ignore them because they are your free ticket. By all means,
they can help you to participate in the following drawing.

of course, get you another chance to win the jackpot. Correspondingly
to that, don’t get discouraged.

Another key point, get prizes by following the weekly bonoloto results and additionally, the previously published ones.

The numbers that appear most in the BonoLoto

order to know what are the bonoloto numbers that come out the most,
you can certainly use the info available online.

For example, many sites offer results from previously published drawings from the past 4 weeks or even all the draws altogether.

like manner, it is very easy to find out what are the presently most
common numbers.

you can also
find out the least common numbers and most overdue numbers.

that, we will go in detail about the subject further in the following

Bonoloto numbers that are repeated the most

First of all, to make a bonoloto winning combination you obviously need to increase your overall chances.

In order to get the best bonoloto result and get bonoloto prizes, you obviously need to get to know the game.

know the most drawn or most common numbers. Above all, those are the
numbers that have been drawn more times than others.

However, there are also the least common numbers which are the exact opposite of that.

like manner, there are also most overdue and least overdue numbers
which correspondingly speaks about when was the particular number

all means, all of that will come in handy to make your best winning
combination for bonoloto.

you can always get your most popular numbers in bonoloto online.

case you want to avoid the numbers that people tend to use the most,
surely do some research.

a matter of fact, that might even prevent that you share a jackpot
prize in some cases.

Being that, it is surely good to study the overall most popular numbers in bonoloto.

the same token, this with the most common number altogether will help
you get the bonoloto winning combination.

all, lotteries and bonoloto state bets always have available results
online and you can access them any time you want to altogether.

El juego de Bonoloto

En qué consiste La Bonoloto

Bonoloto es un juego de lotería de azar. Consiste en un boleto que está formado por 8 bloques, cada uno con números del 1 al 49. En cada apuesta hay que seleccionar una combinación de 6 números por bloque (formato de apuesta individual, mínimo dos bloques) o bien otra cantidad de números (formato de apuesta múltiple, un único bloque con 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 u 11 números marcados).


El precio de cada apuesta es de 0,50 Euros. El importe mínimo de juego es 1 €, por tanto:

  • Si tu boleto participa en un único sorteo, debe incluir al menos dos bloques (50 céntimos x 2 apuestas x 1 sorteo = 1 euro)
  • Si tu boleto participa en dos o más sorteos (sorteo semanal), puede incluir desde 1 única apuesta (50 céntimos x 1 apuesta x 2 sorteos = 1 euro)

Sorteos en los que participar y horarios

Tenemos dos opciones:

  • Sorteo diario: puedes participar en el sorteo diario de lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes o sábado. Si validas tu boleto de Bonoloto para un solo sorteo antes del cierre del sorteo, se validará para ese mismo día, excepto si lo validas el domingo que jugarás para el sorteo del lunes. Si el plazo para jugar en el sorteo de ese día ya se ha cerrado, participarás en el sorteo del día siguiente que tenga sorteo
  • Sorteo semanal: puedes participar en todos los sorteos de la semana, los lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado. Juegas con los mismos pronósticos y apuestas en todos los sorteos de la semana que juegues. Si validas sábado anterior y lunes, participas en los sorteos de lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado. Si lo validas el martes, participas en los sorteos del martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado. Si lo validas el miércoles, participas en los sorteos de miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado, y así sucesivamente el resto de días de la semana.

Los sorteos se celebran cada lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado a las 21.30 horas.

Cómo se juega

Existen tres modalidades de juego:

  • Simple: puedes jugar como mínimo 2 apuestas y como máximo 8 en un mismo boleto, cada apuesta corresponde a un bloque. Para jugar una apuesta se marcan 6 números del primer bloque, la segunda apuesta se marca otros 6 números en el segundo bloque, y así sucesivamente con las apuestas que se deseen jugar
  • Múltiple: sólo se marcan números en el primer bloque. Cuanto mayor número de múltiples selecciones, mayor será el importe de tu apuesta. Las posibles apuestas múltiples son las siguientes:
    Número de apuestas Cantidad de números marcados
    44 apuestas 5 números en el primer bloque
    7 apuestas 7 números en el primer bloque
    28 apuestas 8 números en el primer bloque
    84 apuestas 9 números en el primer bloque
    210 apuestas 10 números en el primer bloque
    462 apuestas 11 números en el primer bloque
  • Fórmulas optimizadas: Estas fórmulas de juego aumentan muy significativamente las probabilidades de lograr premios sin jugar más dinero. Generán una serie de combinaciones sencillas a partir de los números que indiques, utilizando algoritmos matemáticos.

Dónde se puede jugar

Existen dos opciones principales para participar en Bonoloto:

  • Sellar el boleto en una administración de lotería oficial: Loterías y Apuestas del Estado tiene una red de más de 10.000 puntos de venta físicos, donde puedes encontrar tu boleto oficial para jugar y donde puedes sellar el mismo
  • Jugar mediante algún servicio de gestión de lotería: existen varios gestores de lotería online mediante los cuales puedes participar. Estos gestores de lotería cobran un pequeño importe por el servicio que realizan. El servicio consiste en el sellado de las apuestas indicadas, la gestión de los resguardos y la entrega del premio mediante cuenta bancaria. Sólo se debe participar en servicios de confianza y que ofrezcan todo tipo de garantías. Desde recomendamos el servicio ofrecido desde 2004 por

Guión del sorteo

En el bombo del sorteo, se introducen 49 bolas (números del 1 al 49). Durante el sorteo, se realiza la extracción de 6 bolas que formarán la combinación ganadora del día correspondiente, y posteriormente se extrae una séptima bola que corresponde con el complementario. El número complementario se utiliza para formar una categoría adicional de premio: segunda categoría, con 5 aciertos más el complementario

Por último, de otro bombo con números del 0 al 9 se extrae una bola que será el reintegro. Todas las apuestas que tengan el reintegro extraído en el sorteo, obtendrán la devolución del importe de juego (0,50 euros por apuesta)

How to win the bonoloto

case you wonder how to get the bonoloto winning combination, we are
here to accordingly help you.

all, there are certain systems and strategies you can use. Surely,
you can find many on the internet altogether.

not all of them will certainly increase your chances altogether. For
that reason, use the ones that make sense to you.

example, there are certain ways to increase your chances to get
winning numbers.

That is to choose the numbers that come out more bonoloto. Of course, that will statistically speaking, increase your overall chances.

In order to get bonoloto winning combination, you should be following the instructions further in the text.

Pick the single numbers first

all means, you need to get your combination from – the right

is, certainly, from the numbers which have the greatest odds of all
to win altogether.

order to know which numbers are more likely to be drawn, you can
basically use the info available online.

is the overall number frequency that is available almost anywhere. In
like manner, you can do the research yourself.

case you want to do the research yourself, check bonoloto results and
that is bonoloto previous results.

the same time find which are the most drawn numbers and that are
surely the ones that will make your overall combination a winning

you can also surely just use the info available online. Of course,
you can use the latest results or otherwise, the results of many
drawings altogether.

Patterns in the combination are the key

Together with the most drawn numbers, there are also the specifically obvious patterns in the combinations altogether.

that, you need to focus on the combinations and see what are the
numbers and what is the kind of numbers altogether.

example, that might be odd or even numbers. At
the same time, you might see some more of the presently patterns.

In case you have the time, try to inspect it. Unquestionably, first of all, you need to get the bonoloto draw.

sum up, combine the most popular numbers in bonolotto with those
patterns you find and you will surely have bonoloto winning

Why should I play this lotto game?

Above all, together with great prizes bonoloto also has great chances which can surely help you to finally become a millionaire.

In case you are dreaming of buying a new house, buying a new car or finally taking a vacation, try your luck in this lotto game.

First of all, check weekly bonoloto. That is because every day you can become a millionaire in this lotto game.

Not to mention how easy it is playing this game online. Most important, find out about bonoloto winning combination and get ready to win.

to help you to win, we accordingly bring you the bonoloto info which
will surely give you a hand to start.

shown above, we explained how to play and everything regarding the

addition, we haven’t mentioned one simple and quick method of
gaining your bonoloto winning combination.

What is Quick Pick?

of all, in case you don’t have much time to do the research, you
should surely use the quick pick option.

That is a random number generator. To begin with, this will help you to get your overall combination.

case you never used it, it is simple. Above all, it requires just a
click of a button.

on lottomania, purchasing a ticket, you just click on a ‘quick
pick’ button and your presently combination will automatically

any case, it will surely give you the best overall presently
combination of random numbers.

at this point, if you don’t have much time you surely don’t have
to worry about it.

Furthermore, you can just go and get your presently combination with a click of a button altogether.

Check BonoLoto today

important, you can check your presently results on lottomania at any
time you want.

That is surely, one of the greatest advantages of presently online lottery platforms.

Not to mention that you can play anytime, anywhere you want. In case you go on a holiday, you can play from a different country.

you can check bonoloto today. However, you can also check bonoloto
tuesday or the bonoloto friday.

At this point, you can check any of the previously published results at any time you want to.

For that reason, choose Lottomania, where you can certainly safely play your favourite games.

How to check ticket on Bonoloto today

First of all, if you have decided to play you can check the
results by selecting “My tickets”.

Online playing has several advantages, for example, you can
buy tickets at any time and you don’t have to wait in line.

For the reason that you have greater control over the whole
situation, you will have more peace to choose the numbers you think it might be

Online playing on Lottomania has another advantage, you can always be in the process with the latest information.

Since there are frequent changes in lotto games, it is good to check the news once a while.

Bonoloto quick pick

If you want to play, consider which numbers to choose.

However, if you are one of those players who don’t want to
spend a lot of time thinking about the winning combination, you can always opt
for a quick pick.

In other words, you can choose the option where the system
will randomly pick the numbers for you.

This option is reserved for all those who don’t have enough
time to explore the numbers or simply don’t want to.

Furthermore, this option may be the best decision you have
recently brought.

For example, as most players think that all numbers are
randomly drawn, this will be your best chance to win one of the awards.

You will not have to think about what numbers to choose because the system will do everything for you.

Finally, you need to be persistent and trust your instincts. Who knows, you might be the next winner.

Bonoloto prizes

Spain lotto game offers 5 prize divisions. For example, for
the first prize, you should guess six numbers.

The odds of winning are 1 to 13,983,816.

For the second prize division, five main and one additional
number should be guessed. The odds to win are 1 to 103,769,105.

For the third prize division, you should guess five main
numbers. The odds of winning are 1 to 1,235,346.

For the fourth prize division, four numbers should be
guessed. The odds of winning are 1 to 11,907.

For the fifth prize division, 3 numbers should be guessed. The odds to win are 1 to 327.

In conclusion, you need to find a way to beat the odds and win the main prize or one of the rewards from other divisions.

BonoLoto Results

As shown above, you can get a presently winning combination with the help of these results altogether.

So, for that reason, lottomania has the overall ability to see many previously published drawings.

In case you want to see your bonoloto results today, you can do that any time you want after the drawing was otherwise published.

Not to mention, you can see info on our pages and even more, do a today’s bonoloto check.

In order to see your presently results, basically, all you have to do is altogether go on the results page.

Straightaway, accordingly, you will basically see the last bonoloto draw and the bonoloto winning combination.

What was the last BonoLoto winning combintion?

To begin with, the last winning combination was 8, 9, 11, 25, 28 and 39.

case you see this combination on your presently ticket, you will
surely win €

However, in case you missed a few presently numbers, you can still surely get a great prize.

any case, there are also great prizes in second place and even more,
in the third place.

For that reason, don’t get worried about missing a number in your presently ticket.

sum up, even if you only match 3 numbers out of the entire
combination altogether, you can still get a prize.

So, for that reason, don’t give up after the first try as sooner or later the jackpot will certainly be yours.

Pairs of numbers that more come out in the bonoloto

Above all, besides just single numbers, there are also pairs of numbers that get correspondingly frequently drawn.

For example, those could be overall 8 and 9, 12 and 13, 22 and 23 or 30 and 31 and so on.

to mention, that will surely additionally help you in case you have
your own number which you want to put in your combination.

Certainly, in order to finally get your winning combination, now you have many strategies.

That is to altogether choose single numbers, afterwards manage the entire combinations and even more.

Most importantly, to find the most frequently used numbers altogether or even more, the pairs of numbers that are presently more common in bonolotto.

At this point, you can surely make a great winning combination and win great bonolotto prizes without a doubt.

For that reason, purchase the presently ticket before it’s too late and try your luck in BonoLoto!

How to play Bonoloto today

Before you decide to play Bonoloto today a lotto it is necessary to check the rules of the game.

Furthermore, besides being important to know which numbers to choose you should also need to know when it’s draw time.

Once you start playing, you will notice that the game is
similar to La Primitiva and regulated by Loterias y Apuestas del Estado.

First of all, there are two drums where the numbers are
drawn. The player should guess seven numbers, in other words, six main and one
additional number.

For example, the main numbers are chosen from 1 to 49, and an additional number from 1 to 9.

Furthermore, players shouldn’t ignore additional numbers.
Finally, if you guess all those numbers you can win a jackpot.

You can buy tickets with an authorized retailer or online. If you decide online you can do it through Lottomania.

Online playing has certainly a lot more advantages, but about them a little later.

Bonoloto draw

Another condition needs to be fulfilled, like buying tickets
and selecting numbers before the entries close.

Draw out is every day so if you forgot to play on Monday,
you can do it any other day.

For example, the draw is on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 21:00 CET or Central European Time.

You will find out soon after the draw if you managed to guess the drawn numbers.

It will be easier to follow through Lottomania where you will have the opportunity to find out if you are among the lucky winners at any time.

Bonoloto online

Did you know that this lotto game you can play even if you
don’t live in Spain? You can do all this if you register at

In other words, Lottomania is an online website where you can play Bonoloto online and win one of the prizes.

However, the registration is free and everything you will
need is to spend money on tickets.

Also, check the rules of the game on Lottomania after registration. For example, there are several options that can be of great help to you.

Playing lotto on Lottomania

First of all, you can access My Account at any time where
you will have control of your costs. In other words, you will be able to see
all the purchased tickets.

If you have any questions you can always contact customer
support. They will reply as soon as possible.

There is also a “My tickets” option on Lottomania.
For example, by selecting this option, you will be able to find out if you have
managed to guess the numbers.

However, if you manage to win the money you should check what is the taxes policy.

For the reason that taxes are aligned with the laws of the country you live in, it depends on how much you have to pay.

Finally, if you win up to $ 2,500, the money will be
immediately transferred to your account.

Even more, if you win over $ 2,500, you need to contact
customer support because you will have to fulfill a few more terms.

You can choose Lottomania numbers by yourself or with the help of the system. Each player can choose which option to select, like a quick pick but about that a little bit later.

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