Испанская лотерея nacional официальный сайт

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Испанская лотерея nacional официальный сайт

Lotería Nacional

Spanish Lottery Lotería Nacional has a long history and is drawings are held almost every month in Spain. This special Spanish lottery game has the best winning odds in the world — 1 in 3 tickets wins! The odds of winning the Jackpot are also impressively high — 1 in 100,000 tickets wins the Jackpot! In order play the Lotería Nacional, you can buy a ticket with a pre-printed 5 digit number from 00000 to 99999 on it. The number of tickets per draw for each draw is always limited.

More About Lotería Nacional

How to Play Lotería Nacional Lottery Online

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Choose one of the online lottery ticket providers recommended on our website and buy your ticket! Choose your ticket (each lottery ticket provider holds a limited number of pre-printed tickets) and choose your number of shares per ticket.

Can I Play Lotería Nacional from Outside Spain?

Of course, with the help of online lottery messenger and concierge services such as LottoSend, IceLotto and LottoAgent you can play all of the Spanish lottery games online, including the monthly Loteria Nacional lotteries.

Buy More Shares to Boost Your Lotería Nacional Prize

The tickets that are sold online are group tickets, each ticket is split into 10 shares and if your ticket wins the jackpot you will get 1/10 of the prize, if you buy 2 shares you will get 2/10 of the prize, you can also buy 2 shares from 2 different pre-printed tickets to improve your chances.

How to Claim Lotería Nacional Prizes Online

If your ticket wins a prize, no matter the prize amount, the prize money is added to your account balance. you can then withdraw the balance back to your bank account through your credit card provider or through online e-wallet provider services such as Skrill or Payoneer.

How Can I Be Sure I’ll Receive My Prize?

All prizes are paid in full minus the commission taken by your bank for wire transfer or by the e-wallet service provider. When buying a ticket online you are promised %100 full prize money withdrawal, no questions asked.

How to Win the Lotería Nacional Jackpot

In Lotería Nacional 1 in 100,000 tickets wins the jackpot prize which can be as much as €400,000 per ticket share bought online, if your ticket matches all of the numbers for the main prize you win the jackpot!

Online Lotería Nacional Winners

LottoSend, IceLotto and LottoAgent have all had winners who have won prizes in the Lotería Nacional lottery after buying tickets online at their websites. Thousands of winners have won prizes from €20 up to €125,000 (2nd Prize) since they started selling tickets online in 2014, we hope that you will be the first online 1st prize winner this month with your online lottery ticket!

Lotería Nacional Odds and Prizes

Prize Divisions Pay-out per Share Number of Winning Combinations
1st place € 100,000 1
2nd place € 25,000 1
3rd place € 5,000 1
Codes with the same last 4 digits as the 5 drawn numbers € 300 50
Codes with the same last 3 digits as the 11 drawn numbers € 60 1,100
Codes with the same last 2 digits as the 9 drawn numbers € 24 9,000
Codes +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 1st  place € 1,730 2
Codes +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 2nd  place € 908 2
Codes with the same first 3 digits as the 1st place (except the 1st place) € 60 99
Codes with the same first 3 digits as the 2nd place (except the 2nd place) € 60 99
Codes with the same first 3 digits as the 3rd place (except the 3rd place) € 60 99
Codes with the last 3 digits as the 1st place (except the 1st place) € 60 99
Codes with the last 2 digits as the 1st place (except the 1st place) € 24 999
Codes with the same last digit as the 1st place (except the 1st place) € 12 9,999
Reintegro 1 – Single number drawn separately € 12 10,000
Reintegro 2 – Single number drawn separately € 12 10,000

Información loterías de México

En México las loterías están gestionadas por dos organismos:

  • La Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública (Lotenal), denominada comúnmente como Lotería Nacional. Se trata de una institución perteneciente al gobierno mexicano.

Esta lotería tiene algunas similitudes con la Lotería Nacional de España.

  • En relación con los premios en ambos casos se emite una sábana con todos los premios, directos, centenas y terminaciones
  • En ambos casos los sorteos más importantes son en Navidad, en España el Sorteo de Navidad que se celebra el 22 de diciembre y en México el Gordito de Navidad que se celebra el 24 de diciembre.
  • Los números los recitan niños con un acento especial, en España los niños del colegio San Ildefonso y en México los Niños Gritones que hacen una de las características más llamativas en ambos sorteos.

Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública, se trata de una entidad pública descentralizada del Estado Mexicano.

El comienzo exacto de Pronósticos fue en junio de 1978, con las apuestas deportivas del campeonato mundial de fútbol celebrado en Argentina. Más tarde con el inicio de la liga de fútbol los sorteos de Progol se empezaron a celebrar semanalmente.

A los diez años se cambió la denominación a Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública y desde esas fechas hasta la actualidad Pronósticos ha ido incorporando más productos para que los jugadores mexicanos tengan la oferta de juegos actuales.

En esta página le proporcionamos los últimos resultados de todos los sorteos que se celebran en México. Hay una opción de menú para los juegos de Lotenal y otra opción de menú para los juegos de Pronósticos. Puede consultar el último resultado de cada juego así como acceder a los resultados históricos en forma de un listado o por medio de un calendario.

En la información de los resultados le ofrecemos la combinación ganadora y el desglose de las categorías de premios.

What makes Loteria Nacional Spanish Raffles different?

This is a Spanish lottery. And in a sense, it gives you the type of features and results that you can imagine. You also get to have a lottery that in many ways stands to represent the Spanish people. Basically, this lottery is all about having fun, being excited and knowing the type of outstanding things that you can enjoy and explore during the day. Loteria Nacional is all about bringing in this type of ideas and helping you enjoy life unlike never before. It’s a cool idea nonetheless and one that is bound to bring you quite a lot in the end.

The best thing about Loteria Nacional is that you can play it online. Being able to get that cool online gameplay content is very interesting and quite handy. It’s a nice opportunity to access the Loteria Nacional features. The idea is simple, there’s a ton of content to be had and plenty of excitement that you will enjoy quite a bit. But Loteria Nacional manages to make all these things different, and that’s what really manages to set it apart to be honest. It’s that type of approach and unique content that brings it to the next level.

When it comes to record jackpots, there were jackpots that had around a few million Euros, and some went well over a few dozen million. So yes, there are tons of money to earn here and you will be very happy to enjoy all of these.

There’s the lottery of Jueves, the lottery of Sabado and many others. These lottery services are designed to be very distinct, unique and they do tend to provide you with the type of unique features and outstanding quality that you can rarely find anywhere else. It’s a cool idea to have multiple game types and the fact that you can get free chances in a game like this, while also being able to enjoy it as you see fit, is downright impressive and interesting at the same time.

How many people play Loteria Nacional each year?

There are millions of people that play Loteria Nacional each year. While there is no specific number of people, there are certainly millions of people that play this type of games. So yes, there’s no shortage of people that play this type of games. That’s why you will love to play Loteria Nacional games, because there’s always a ton of great content to access and tons of challenges to go around. Loteria Nacional is offering some very distinct and unique games too, so you will be very happy with the way it evolved and the great gameplay ideas that it can bring in to the table.

Ticket sales each year

Loteria Nacional doesn’t tend to release this sort of information, but it’s safe to say that the lottery can make at least 500 million or 1 billion in sales. It’s easy to see why, this is a company that delivers this type of game for millions of people. And the fact that you can play this online does show the type of unique challenges that you can access here. It’s just a distinct and unique opportunity to have, one that you won’t be able to find anywhere else at all. So yes, the Loteria Nacional is a very successful lottery and it does have some massive sales.

Do they give anything back to the community?

The Loteria Nacional has solid winnings most of the time. But even so, they are known for involving in charity related events that are just a pleasure for everyone. Caring about charity and doing everything in your power to cater to charity is what makes things very interesting here. Yes, there are always tons of challenges to come in front of you, but the reality is that Loteria Nacional is set to offer some really nice challenges and ideas. Plus, giving back to the community is a wonderful gesture and a thoughtful thing.

Loteria Nacional is one of those lotteries that are complex, yet easy to approach. It can be a lot of fun to enjoy this lottery and its games, which in the end will work to your own advantage. You have to realize that spending a lot of time and effort is extremely important. That’s why you always have to adapt to your life and you need to do everything in your power in order to take things to the next level.

Playing games for a lottery like this is a unique feeling and it does bring you some downright amazing experiences that you do not want to miss. It’s a lot of fun to explore all of this, and the fact that you can have an outstanding time with Loteria Nacional is a clear reason why this is one of the best lotteries in Europe!

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